Objects sub-toolbar




subtoolbar_pointer_win.png - Pointer tool

Move and delete tile lines and weeding lines.
Hold Shift while dragging to create an overlap (only to the right and up).

Shortcut Key: Z


subtoolbar_objectswitchall_win.png - Switch between all / no objects

Toggles between marking all objects and no objects.

Shortcut Key: X


subtoolbar_objectswitchmarked_win.png - Switch between marked / not marked objects

Toggles between marking all objects that are marked and the ones that are not.

Shortcut Key: C


subtoolbar_objecttoggle_win.png - Activate / Deactivate selected objects

Toggles between activating and deactivating the objects that are marked.

Shortcut Key: V


subtoolbar_objectcolor_win.png - Change color of selected objects

Let's you change color of the selected objects.

Shortcut Key: B

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