I don't have communication drivers that work for my plotter?

Please note: this article is about communication drivers, the drivers that come with your plotter and is needed to communicate with your computer via a USB port. This is not about plotter preference drivers, these are included in Signcut for your particular plotter model and sets sizes, language, defaults, and overall cutter parameters.

All plotters need functioning communication drivers to be able to communicate with your computer through a USB port. If you use a parallel connection or serial connection you don't need communication drivers, but most modern computers use the USB port. Usually you get these communication drivers included on a CD along with your purchased plotter, but sometimes these drivers does not work as they should because they're outdated or perhaps they don't support your operating system.

The most common driver and chipset is the FTDI chipset, and you can download it from here. A few plotter manufacturers use Profilic drivers instead, and these are downloadable from here.

If this doesn't work, you can bypass the plotters internal USB/Serial converter card with an FTDI adapter. Many users find that import machines work better with the FTDI and have fewer problems. By using the FTDI you use the serial port and a serial cable, and then the FTDI to a USB cable. The FTDI comes with its own drivers that you need to install. For older computers that don't have USB or when the you can't find communication drivers for your operating system, the FTDI is a great solution.

Some plotters, especially old ones, do not have Mac communication drivers, so a third party adapter like the FTDI is the only way to be able to use them. Any plotter with a serial port can use an FTDI adapter, this way you can hook up old equipment to modern laptops or computers that only have USB ports.

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